Report of a webinar “How to write a better Gakushin(学振) proposal” 4/17

  • 2022年4月24日
  • 2022年5月19日
  • 報告

2022年4月17日19:00~20:00 に、Webinar “How to write a better Gakushin(学振) proposal” を実施しました(開催の広報記事)。この記事では、その開催報告と振り返りを記します。

Webinar “How to write a better Gakushin (学振) proposal” was held on April 17, 2022 from 19:00 to 20:00 (publicity article of the event). This article reports on the webinar and provides a review.

概要 / Overview

This webinar will be held to share and discuss key points in preparing the JSPS application form (学振申請書) required when applying for a JSPS’s Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (DC). Although the benefits of being selected are great, I, Yoshida, feel that preparing the application itself will lead to refinement of your research content and plan. Therefore, I would very much like to have you prepare a good research proposal and conduct better research (I would like to conduct the kind of workshop that I wish I had when I was a student).
In the workshop, I first shared what you should keep in mind when preparing the Gakusho application form, as well as reference information. Then, I gave my example and share detalied tips for writing a proposal. Finally, I answered to the questions from participants.

資料(スライド・動画など)/ Resource (slides, video)

アンケート / Survey

アンケート結果の一部をこちらに記載いたします。参加者およそ45名中14名の方が回答してくださいました(Zoom が21名、YouTube が24名程度でした)。

Some of the results of the survey are shown here. Fourteen out of approximately 45 participants responded (21 for Zoom and about 24 for YouTube).

どのプラットフォームから参加しましたか / From which platform did you participate in the workshop?

  • Zoom: 7
  • YouTube: 7

ワークショップに関する評価をお願いいたします / Please give us your feedback on the overall evaluation

  • 大変良かった / Very satisfied: 9
  • 良かった / Satisfied: 4
  • どちらともいえない / Neutral: 0
  • 良くなかった/ Disatisfied: 0
  • 全く良くなかった / Very disatisfied: 1

ワークショップの良かったところを教えてください / Please tell us what you liked about the workshop

  • It is very informative
  • The pointers given to write a good proposal that is easier to read for reviewers
  • it was informative about all the steps, and some good tips for the written proposal (adding figures etc.)
  • It’s held in English. Almost every things on the JSPS site are in Japanese so I’m having hard time to understand them even just for logging in. The example was good also as I don’t have any accepted application reference to learn from. It’s also nice to know that even after I have things to do today I can still watch your recording later.
  • 吉田先生は優しいです。このプレゼンは素晴らしかったです。どうもありがとうございました。
  • The example of the JSPS application
  • Very detailed suggestions on how to write an application proposal
  • The explanation about the process and content is clear
  • the suggestion of proposal, and the clear flow of it
  • Overall structure of the proposal + tips

ワークショップの改善できるところを教えてください / Please tell us where the workshop can be improved.

  • Maybe an example of the application form in English version.
  • More clarification with the steps to follow while writing the application
  • Maybe next time an English version of proposal template could be presented.
  • It would be nice to show one or two more templates
  • I hope maybe it will be better if we could get a Q&A face to face.
  • お疲れさまでした。
  • Too many words on one slide, include examples on the slides themselves
  • Research plan very Cleary understood. Thank you for that

振り返り / Reflection

拙い英語で恐縮でしたが、高く評価してもらって良かったです / I’m sorry for my poor English, but I’m glad you appreciated it!


I strongly felt that it is important to provide information in English, as there is not much information available in English. I am happy to see that many of participantes rated it highly. One person gave a rating of “Very disatisfied,” so I checked the comments and found no negative comments written at all, and I am wondering if it was a mistake.

英語の申請書を見たいというのもその通りだよなと感じたので、今年参加してくれた方で今回受かった方がいらっしゃったら、次回の Webinar で共有いただきたいなと考えています。

Some participants wanted to see the English applications, so if anyone who attended this year and will be accepted this time, I would like to have them share it at the next year webinar.

おわりに / Conclusion

ご参加いただいたみなさま、ありがとうございました! これからもより良い学びの環境を提供したいと思っておりますので、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

Thank you all for attending! I look forward to continuing to provide you with a better learning environment in the future.